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After the dot com bubble imploded, the Web became successful again with the advent of social media. With so many social media platforms being offered now, and so many different features such as customizing and analytic tools available, the need for boosting a fan base can be difficult but it’s a must-have.

The rise of Vimeo’s popularity is clear and with this upward mobility, services exist that do solely this type of work – buying Vimeo Views.

Why Vimeo?

Vimeo is a service that sees 70 million unique visitors a month. It is not an exclusive cross-section of society, but rather a profitable platform that seeks to engage users on topics they enjoy discussing, while also being a virtual hangout spot. It is entertainment and education rolled into one.

Advertisements. Worldwide reach means your business will be in front of billions of eyes in a matter of hours. Gone are the slow laborius days of emailing lists of people with the inherent risk of being cut off by your ISP. Social media encourages this behavior and the density of users in Vimeo is a perfect petri dish for you to experiment.

The Dilemma

For the same reason standing in a mall with a banner or wearing a sandwich sign works for any brick-and-mortar establishment. Drawing attention to one’s business and selling services is about engagement and interaction. Social media seeks to connect us even further in the digital realm but that’s not all it does.

Now it’s true that not all countries are built alike and so various populations have different success rates because of competition. For example, Asia and Europe are quite dense and that user density means a higher number of views but also laws restricting usage and content. This means business owners can have an extremely difficult time attracting business on Vimeo in these regions, simple because of the structure stacked against them from the beginning.

The Easy Solution

In simple terms, a “view” is always potential buyer. By getting these “views”, it is inevitable business will grow with the gain of more views to any one channel. It is a solid concept of doing business in the Information Age.

We analyze your data, jump-start the process of funneling traffic, and watch the aggregation happen. Numbers matter the most with Vimeo and the Web in general. Don’t be caught with your pants down. Get off on the right foot and buy worldwide views now to solidify your piece of digital real estate.