Because we offer such a diverse amount of social media services – from how to get FaceBook fans, to how to get Instragram followers (and everything in between from YouTube to Datpiff) – we end up getting a massive arrangement of emails, questions, and phone-calls everyday.

First and foremost we encourage you to speak to our live help by clicking the bottom corner….if they’re OFFLINE? Sorry!

To help we’ve put together a nice list of questions we’re often asked:

Why would someone buy social media?

So you want to be famous, a celebrity, an actor, a musican – whatever you wish! Its often hard to expand your inner circle of friends, colleagues. Sure you expect every one of them to tell all THEIR friends and suddenly you’ll be famous overnite, but reality often paints a different picture: your social sphere isn’t going to magically grow overnite. Unless we help! We can get 1000s of new fans, followers, likes, listeners to hear, view, read, watch your content, message, voice. It’s about building a brand. Building an identity. But most importantly: building a following. And for the prices we offer our services at, its incredibly important to realize just how big an impact can be made by working with Social Marketing Heros.

How long do your services take?

We promise to fulfill all our obligations within 48 hours but certain issues CAN come up: for example, when you checkout, be 100% accurate with the domain/link you give us to deliver our social media impact. By issuing the wrong FaceBook fan page link, it WILL delay our ability to fulfill your needs because we can’t begin having our workers direct their efforts to delivering your service.

What’s the secret to getting real people?

While we can’t give our exact receipe for social media performance – whether it be getting followers, fans, Facebook likes… – we can tell you that the secret is TO GET REAL PEOPLE. Others offer fake likes and services…we deliver the best. Real people providing a real following, and allowing you to expand your social presence to much higher numbers of followers, fans, viewers. Don’t believe us? Head to our homepage and checkout our 50 FREE FACEBOOK LIKES. It’s 100% free. You give us your fan page. We deliver 50 FREE Likes within 48 hours.

What’s the turnaround time for unique packages and customized social media services?

5 Facebook fans is 5 FaceBook fans….5 MILLION FaceBook fans to your brand new Facebook fan page can take some time. So understand that if you put together a custom social media package – whether its for YouTube, FaceBook, or Twittter, we will work our hardest to prep a honest turnaround time BEFORE you need to make the purchase. We know a happy customer is a repeat customer. We know our social media services are the best in the industry, but the speed at which we can deliver the services often depends on how custom/unique the package is…and we will be 100% upfront about that, as we believe in our money-back-guarantee!

Is buying FaceBook likes, YouTube views, or any other of your social media packages a SCAM?

Absolutely not. We use PayPal. PayPal has a money back guarantee and you’re protected by their Buyer protection services…if we were running a scam, we wouldn’t be able to accept PayPal. It’s really that simple. But if you have further desire to make sure there’s a real human behind this business, contact us below when our agents are ONLINE and we will be happy to chat you up!
Is buying FaceBook likes, YouTube views, or any other of your social media packages ILLEGAL?
Of course not. We only sell REAL followers, views, likes. If 1000 of your friends decided to LIKE your FaceBook fan page would it be illegal? Of course not. Same with us. We just have access to a lot of friends and real people who want to help build your social media presence much much larger.

Is there any sort of trial? I like what I hear but I’m a bit skeptical.
Of course, head to our home page www.socialmarketinghero.com and fillout the 50 FREE FACEBOOK LIKES menu on the right side. 100% Free. 100% designed to help your Facebook Fan Page. 100% there to show you how great our skills are at helping YOU.